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Deer / Game Recovery services aided by the use of blood tracking dogs.

Serving Western NewYork-Region 9

Our Land Line Contact Number is monitored all year round, not only hunting seasons.
Call backs are not guaranteed, we have a very limited number of handlers who have jobs and lives of their own. However we are always looking for more members to add to our team to help more hunter recover their game. If you would like to contribute please download our membership application on the home page.

This is the ONLY phone number that should be called for deer recovery services. PLEASE DO NOT call members personal numbers you may find on the web.
If 24 hours passes and you have not received a call back, our trackers are held up else where. We apologize if we are unable to call you back and are busy else where.

 ​​​​​​​Deer Search of WNY Inc. 

Deer Search of WNY Inc. is a non-profit and 100% volunteer organization dedicated to deer / game recovery using blood tracking dogs in the greater Buffalo area.

Don't Lose it!

Our trackers are seasoned professionals with a love for hunting. As such, we will do everything possible to ensure that your game animal is recovered.

    The object of Deer Search of WNY Inc. is to promote the humane recovery of wounded/ dead / injured big game. This objective shall be pursued throughout New York State primarily through hunter education and the use of leashed tracking dogs under the regulations and restrictions imposed by Deer Search of WNY Inc. and NYS DEC.

Deer Search of WNY Inc. is a non-profit operating solely on donations and fundraising. Please help us keep it going with a donation!