For tracking services in Central New York Finger Lakes Area - Region 8, please call: Deer Search of Finger Lakes, Inc. 585-935-5220

Our Land Line Contact Number is monitored all year round, not only hunting seasons.


​Call backs are not guaranteed, we have a very limited number of handlers who have jobs and lives of their own. However we are always looking for more members to add to our team to help more hunter recover their game. If you would like to contribute please download our membership application on the home page.

​If 24 hours passes and you have not received a call back, our trackers are held up else where. We apologize if we are unable to call you back.

Deer Search of WNY, Inc.
P.O. Box 251
Lancaster, NY 14086

​The concept of tracking wounded game with canine assistance originated in Europe centuries ago. In 1978, a small group of sportsmen formed a non-profit volunteer organization with their primary goal of assisting hunters in recovering their wounded big game.

 New York State recognized the efforts of this group and passed legislation to allow a special leashed dog tracking license to be implemented.

 The organization strives to educate handlers, dogs, and hunters on the recovery of wounded big game. Hundreds of animals have been successfully recovered, reducing the number of lost deer and bear, re-enforcing the sportsman's code of ethics.

Serving Western NewYork-Region 9

How to use the Service

 Because Deer Search of WNY, Inc is a volunteer organization with limited resources and membership, your calls will be acknowledged as soon as possible based on tracker availability.

 We strive to answer as many calls as possible. An efficient telephone dispatch system operates during big game seasons. After all efforts to recover a wounded animal have failed, you are encouraged to use the service. Contact information is as follows:

When making your call, the following information MUST be included in your message:

- Hunter's full name -

- Town and County of hit site -

- Date and Time of hit -

- Contact phone number -

Please read this entire page BEFORE contacting Deer Search of WNY Inc.

Deer Search of WNY Inc. is a non-profit and 100% volunteer organization dedicated to deer / game recovery using blood tracking dogs in the greater Buffalo area.

Keep in mind:

  • Deer Search is NOT a hunter's crutch. It is an agency of "Last Resort".
  • ​​It is the hunter’s responsibility to obtain permission from the landowner prior to any tracking.
  • ​You must be able to take the dog handler to the exact location of the hit site and where you lost the blood trail. These locations should be marked at eye level so that you can return to them in the dark.
  • Do not walk directly down the blood trail as you track.
  • ​There is NO CHARGE for the services of Deer Search of WNY, Inc. Members are volunteers, however, donations are accepted and go directly to the non-profit organization.
  • ​Optimum time to track with a dog is 4-24 hours after the hit, depending on weather conditions.
  • ​Deer Search of WNY is not affiliated with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and receives no funding from the state
  •  Please keep in mind all members are volunteers in both time, training and equipment that they pay for out of their own pocket.
  • ​Although our handlers are licensed by the state they pay for that license themselves.

 ​​​​​​​Deer Search of WNY Inc.