Deer Search of WNY Inc. is a non-profit and 100% volunteer organization dedicated to deer / game recovery using blood tracking dogs in the greater Buffalo area.

Know the Laws!

Ignorance is not acceptable if you want to be an ethical hunter. NYS DEC regulations can be found on the website by clicking HERE.


 ​​​​​​​Deer Search of WNY Inc. 

Here is a good example of an accident waiting to happen. It is important to maintain your tree stands. Often hunters will find old stands as the one pictured. DO NOT USE THEM! Clearly this tree stand is not safe to use. Often times it is not as apparent. Even a newer style ladder stand can be unsafe if not properly secured. As a general rule if you did not maintain a tree stand then stay out.

Tree Stand Safety Notes:

  • Do not use "found" tree stands in the woods
  • Do not put tree stands up alone
  • Use a harness that is designed to fit you and has a proper anchor
  • Keep your safety strap in a reachable location if you were to fall
  • Do not climb with a bow or firearm
  • Use a tether to raise and lower your UNLOADED gun/bow.
  • Use a 3 point stance while moving (3 limbs touching the stand at all times)