Deer Search of WNY Inc. is a non-profit and 100% volunteer organization dedicated to deer / game recovery using blood tracking dogs in the greater Buffalo area.

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 ​​​​​​​Deer Search of WNY Inc. 

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About Our Organiztion

We primarily  focus on Region 9 but are licensed to track throughout all of  New York State

Deer Search of WNY Inc.  is a non-profit, 100% volunteer organization that is dedicated to helping our fellow sportsmen and women recover wounded big game, deer or bear, with the use of leashed tracking dogs in New York State. Our handlers and dogs are trained and licensed by New York State and are insured while in the field. We are licensed to carry a firearm for dispatching the animal, including the during early Archery season. We also help our fellow sportsmen through education, providing them with material and seminars on tracking deer blood trails. We welcome any donations to help pay for our expenses.

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